Monday, March 9, 2009


This is a question for Ellen, but I thought we would all benefit from the answer, so I am posting it. I made the honey butter pork loin tonight for dinner. It was very good, but I wonder if the sauce I made is the actual sauce. I put the honey and the butter in my cast iron skillet and browned the pork in it. Then I was waiting for oven space, so I just put my stove top on low for about 7 minutes until what was in the oven was done. But when I took the lid off the pan to check on it before I put it in the oven, the sauce was burnt. I poured it out and started over again. I put the pork in the oven for 25 minutes with a lid on and when I took it out, the sauce had a burny flavor to it and was a dark brown color. It tasted good on the pork, but I'm wondering if this was just a bad experience with it, if that's what it's supposed to be like, or if I have done something wrong. (Aaron would like to note that the sauce did not taste burny to him when he ate it.)


Ellen said...

Missa, Now that you mention it, the last few times I have made this, I burned the sauce (usually after taking it out of the oven ). The meat still tasted good I just didn't add the sauce. I always just figured I had the heat turned up too high. The recipe is correct, I referenced the Martha Stewart website as I typed it up, so maybe it's supposed to be that way? I'll have to try making it again, but be careful with the heat, for comparison's sake. Anyone else have this problem? Thoughts?

Missa said...

After doing some more research, I think next time I will brown the pork in the honey butter, but take it out of the honey butter to cook it in the oven. And apparently, you only need to cook pork loin to 135 degrees, then tent it with foil and it will come up to 140-145. Hopefully, that should eliminate our problem.